International Diploma In Food And Culinary Science

International Diploma In Food And Culinary Science

The Culinary Science curriculum is a simple integration of science with the process of cooking. It focuses on enabling you to apply rational perspective into your culinary art for enhanced quality and innovative approach towards recipes to create fine food experiences. For example:

      i.     What can be done to prolong shelf-life of a food product with use of minimal preservatives?

    ii.     Which ingredients should be selected or avoided to develop a healthy recipe?

  iii.     What is the best approach to standardize this procedure?

   iv.     How can I prevent textural changes in refrigerated/frozen product?

    v.     How can I add new appearance or ingredient to the same dish?

   vi.     What are the methods of enhancing natural food color?

 vii.     What is the best method to pre-prepare this food product/recipe?

viii.     How can I make this recipe/product more economic or cost effective?

This course will also equip you with knowledge and skills to build your food enterprise.

A chef always thinks about the customer expectations and continuously strives to please their taste buds. With increasing competitiveness and globalization, this is not an easy task. If the chefs are powered with systematic knowledge about the nature of food products, their components, and functionality of the ingredients, they can create miracles in the kitchen.

Bangalore Culinary Academy has unique tailor made curriculum that ensures well-rounded education with industry relevant knowledge and skills.

Structured class schedules include in depth theoretical knowledge transfer alongside insightful practical sessions to help clearly understand culinary art and culinary and food science concepts

Classes simulate operational requirements and experiences and are delivered by experienced and skilled instructors.

Duration: 12 months – 6 months (1010 GLH) training with Bangalore Culinary Academy and 6 months industrial training (optional and subject to fulfilment of mandatory criteria)

Upon successful completion of the program, along with a Certificate of completion from Bangalore Culinary Academy, you will also earn global hospitality certification from:

1.)  City & Guilds, London, International Vocational Qualification (IVQ), Level 2 Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts – Food Preparation (8064-01)

2.)  OTHM (Organisation for Tourism and Hospitality Management), London, International Diploma in Food and Culinary Science (Level3)

3.)  WorldChefs Certified Chef de Partie Badge

Aspiring Chefs looking for advance culinary knowledge and skills along with food and culinary science skills

Aspiring Chefs looking to make a career in the food research and development environment

Entrepreneurs and Chef Owners in the Food and Restaurant Business

Rs. 5,25,000.00 +GST

Exclusions : Kitchen Shoes, Black Trousers, Exam Fee and Certification Charges (as per exam and certification opted for)

The diploma program gives access to premium internships and on the job training programs with some of the leading hotels / hotel chains, bake houses and premium patisseries in the country and abroad. 

International internships are available through reputed agencies.

Internship is an optional component of the course and can be opted for on successful completion of mandatory criteria.


Job placement assistance is provided on successful completion of the course and internship.


Students of Bangalore Culinary Academy are always in high demand due to the skill and knowledge level of our students and therefore internships options and Job placements are easy to secure.