International Postgraduate Diploma in Culinary Arts Management

International Postgraduate Diploma in Culinary Arts Management

The International Postgraduate Diploma in Culinary Arts Management is a unique program combining advance Culinary knowledge and skills with an insight on supervision of kitchen operations and business management. 

This course helps master advance cooking techniques whilst acquiring knowledge on key operational and management principles. Teaching students to build a successful and efficient business model culminating with a project report detailing their business plan for an entrepreunal venture.

The International Post Graduate Diploma in Culinary Arts Management equips students with supervisory skills which with practice help lead up to managerial positions or also help take on entrepreneurship endeavours. 

Bangalore Culinary Academy has unique tailor made curriculum that ensures well-rounded education with industry relevant knowledge and skills. 

Structured class schedules include in depth theoretical knowledge transfer alongside insightful practical sessions to help clearly understand advance culinary and supervisory concepts

Classes simulate operational requirements and experiences and are delivered by experienced and skilled instructors.

Duration: 12 months to 15 months – (1350 GLH) training with Bangalore Culinary Academy, spread across 6 to 9 months* followed by 6 months industrial training (optional and subject to fulfilment of mandatory criteria)

*Including project work and report

Upon successful completion of the program along with a Certificate of completion from Bangalore Culinary Academy you will also earn global hospitality certification 

  1. OTHM (Organisation for Tourism and Hospitality Management) , London, International Post Graduate Diploma in Culinary Arts Management
  2. WorldChefs Certified Chef de Partie Badge

All qualifications and certifications are awarded on successful completion of course criteria.

Aspiring Chefs looking for advance culinary knowledge and skills along with supervisory skills

Entrepreneurs and Chef Owners in the Food and Restaurant Business

Rs. 5,25,000.00 +GST

Exclusions : Kitchen Shoes, Black Trousers, Exam Fee and Certification Charges (as per exam and certification opted for)

The diploma program gives access to premium internships and on the job training programs with some of the leading hotels / hotel chains, bake houses and premium patisseries in the country and abroad.

International internships are available through reputed agencies.

Internship is an optional component of the course and can be opted for on successful completion of mandatory criteria.

Job placement assistance is provided on successful completion of the course and internship.

Students of Bangalore Culinary Academy are always in high demand due to the skill and knowledge level of our students and therefore internships options and Job placements are easy to secure.

Student's Feedback

Sunil Suresh
Sunil Suresh
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This place is really amazing. On the verge of completing my course. Consider this place as my second family. Chefs are really loving and caring towards all. All the sessions have been so fun and interactive. Chefs are highly experienced and knowledgeable, and also impart the right techniques at work. The Admin team and the founders are really friendly and helpful at all times. Would highly recommend students to join bca who are interested in learning pastry arts or culinary arts. We were encouraged to have jokes during the end of our class. Our chefs are very jovial with us. Going to miss all the fun after my course. I sincerely thank Bca with my gratitude for all the support and motivation because of which I could enhance my skills to a higher degree.
Besenelu Soho
Besenelu Soho
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I am from Nagaland and i always wanted to start a food business because I love cooking but deep in my heart I knew i needed to gain more knowledge and skills professionally. I still remember on the first day of our baking class I was the most nervous because all i have baked in my entire life was a simple Banana cake and that's it. I did not even know what a buttercream was, yes seriously and I did not know how to even hold a piping bag correctly. But after six months I am not the same person anymore. I have learnt and improved so much that I am confident to start my own bakery, that's how BCA has totally transformed me. Our chefs are really humble, funny and approachable anytime. At BCA along with learning, I have also met the best of friends and made the best of memories. I have enjoyed every moment from theory and practical classes to market and hotel visits. BCA has truly made it possible for me to transform my dreams into reality. Thank you BCA.