Diploma in International Patisserie and Confectionery 

Patisserie and confectionery Course cover the preparation and presentation of desserts and baked merchandise. When someone looking for a baking and pastry program, Prospective students may wish for looking for a program that offers hands-on experience.

Some patisserie programs may also prepare students for industry certification after they meet the experience requirements.

Programs take nine months to 2 years to complete and applications are required to have English high school diploma or its equivalent.

Why patisserie course

If anyone who is looking for his / her career in patisserie and confectionary course. Such as want to start their own hotel and catering services Hotel management and hospitality sector is amongst the best option for you. One of the best options for students who want to do their career in pastry and other baking dough cookies, chocolates.

Bangalore culinary academy is your best option to do Hotel management as well as patisserie and confectionery course.

Baking and pastry diploma coursework

Students can learn how to make classic cakes, fruit tarts, Pastry dough and decorations from sugar. These programs could an offer instruction on:

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  • Bread making
  • Baking methodology
  • Wedding cakes
  • Tortes and plated desserts

Advanced diploma in patisserie & confectionary courses program is basically pastry, baking, and confectionary arts which are offered superb instruction superior equipment & top-quality ingredients to our students. This intensive program is designed to meet the needs of students to train in abroad & attain foundation in the art of pastry & baking breads, chocolates, ice cream& more.


  • 16 Weeks Inclusive of Industrial Training
  • 100% Placement Assistance & Paid Internship in 5 Star Hotels


Equipment Identification and Raw Materials

Introductory Course : Cookies

Theory on Biscuits and Cookies – Techniques and Methods

8 Varieties – Drop cookies, bar cookies, molded cookies, stencil cookies, refrigerator cookies, meringue cookies

Introductory Course: Cakes

Theory on Cakes and Sponges – Techniques, Methods, Classification

Cupcakes. 2 Varieties, Muffins – 2 Varieties, Loaf cakes – 3 Varieties, piping techniques

Introductory Course : Bread

Theory on Yeast Goods – Techniques, Classification, International Breads 18 Different varieties of International breads – Fermented, unfermented, enriched and flat breads

Introductory Short crust Pastry Course :       Theory on Pastry Goods – Short crust Pastry – Techniques, Methods, Principles of Short crust Pastry 3 varieties of short crust pastry dough, 5 different kinds of fillings. 4 Desserts tarts, 2 Savory Pies and Garnishing

Introductory Course: Choux Pastry

 Theory on Pastry Goods – Choux Pastry – Techniques, Methods, Principles of Choux Pastry 3 varieties of choux products, classic French desserts with choux pastry

Introductory Course: Laminated Pastry

Theory on Pastry Goods – Laminated Pastry – Techniques, Methods, Principles of Lamination 7 Varieties of Puff Pastry products, 5 Yeast-based Laminated dough products, classic French desserts

Introductory Course: High Tea

Petit Fours, Meringues

Introductory Course: Hot Desserts

Theory on Desserts – Different cooking methods, Techniques, Garnishing and Plating 10 Varieties of desserts using different cooking methods – Baking, Steaming, Poaching, Deep fat Frying, Boiling

Cold and Frozen Desserts, Plated Desserts, Sponges and Gateaux

Theory on Desserts – Different cooking methods, Techniques, Garnishing and Plating 10 Varieties of desserts using different cooking methods – Baking, Steaming, Poaching, Deep fat Frying, Boiling

Food Hygiene and Safety at Work

Workplace and Personal Health and Safety Procedures

Chocolate Workshop:   Tempering, 8 varieties of chocolates, 3 candies, chocolate garnish,

Cake Decoration:           Basic Fondant, Cake decoration techniques

Theory Assessment:      Cookies, Cakes and Sponges and Bread

Theory Assessment:      Pastry

Theory Assessment:      Overall Mock Final Papers

Practical Assessment:   Overall Mock Practical Assessment


Tuition and other fees for this patisserie & confectionary course program is conducted by the institute are subject to prescription by the respective of government/Regulatory program and another body of the institution by time by time.

  • Level 2 Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking – Culinary Arts (International)
  • For Indian Nationals: Rs. 2,85,000 INR* + GST
  • Fee includes uniform and study material

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