Careers in Culinary after 10+2 in India

  1. What are Culinary Arts and its importance
  2. Scope and career path of career in culinary?
  3. Things to know before getting into a culinary career.
  4. Challenges in culinary careers.
  5. What are the Changes and latest trends in the Culinary Industry?
  6. Where can culinary arts take you?
  7. How well the culinary jobs pay?
  8. Are culinary skills in high demand
  9. Importance of culinary schools for a professional career.
  10. Top 10 Chefs in India – Most Famous and Successful
  11. Top Culinary schools in India
  12. How good is a culinary diploma course in India?
  13. Top Culinary courses in India

What are Culinary Arts and its importance?

Culinary arts is an art of preparing, cooking and presenting food in the form of meals. People in this field particularly in restaurants or hotel are called “chefs” or “cooks” in general terms. They are also called as “culinary artist” or “culinarian”. They are required to have knowledge of food or culinary science, nutrition and diet and are responsible for preparing meals that are as pleasing to the eye as well as to the palate.

With the new changes in how we cook and how we eat; the fields of culinary arts is continuously evolving and appears to be merging into one big field. Many famous restaurants now have specialized cooking laboratories on their premises, also universities and colleges around the world are beginning to offer degrees in culinology.

Culinary is an art and also a science of cooking. It has enormous scope and application in various industries. The basics taught in the kitchen, as well as the methods of cooking like baking, grilling with the use of tools in refining the dishes prepared, make it unique, interesting, delicious and gratifying the sense of taste.

The culinary art has revolutionized cooking strategies required to prepare a healthy meal. The art of selecting the ingredients for the method of preparation is the role of the culinary specialist. The strategies and techniques used in cooking with efficient management of the resources available, with the meticulous implementation of presentation skills providing hygienic and delectable cuisines driving attention from consumers worldwide.

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Scope and career path of career in culinary?

The scope of culinary career is vast with varied opportunities from being a Chef to a top-notch celebrity. People who pursue culinary science can explore different cuisines across the globe and meeting people broaden their horizons in learning innovative dishes. This expands knowledge about similarities and differences in the culture and the food habits prevalent in various countries.

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Things to know before getting into a culinary career.

The emotional quotient of an individual must be good enough before entering any culinary school. There are challenges in every domain. However, culinary arts are to be pursued by the individuals passionate about cooking. If an individual has the zeal to use time effectively and work hard to achieve what is required, then this is the most relevant field for them. Apart from cooking and cleaning, basic housekeeping, presentation skills, and grooming are taught which imbibes the skill imperative to succeed in this particular domain.

Challenges in culinary careers.

The challenges that one may encounter initially in the culinary industry are that of food adulteration and a gap in demand and supply of the ingredients. The hygienic practices need to be practiced in order to prevent any communicable diseases caused by microorganisms.

Cooking is physically and emotionally in demand, by metamorphosing from becoming a pioneer-cook to the chef. A cooking profession is highly in demand from becoming chefs in hotels to carving a niche for themselves online. This enriches their career prospects, enlightening them about the emerging trends.

What are the Changes and latest trends in the Culinary Industry?

Innovation and creativity are highly appreciated in this field as each dish can be rendered better. There is more scope for learning a wide variety of dishes prevalent in different countries. This further paves the way for vegetable and fruit carvings that are eye-catching. The ambiance with good hospitality and delectable cuisine provides contentment to the customer. However, recent trends in the industry include creating a website as well as contributing to their blogs which are liked by many individuals worldwide generating revenues for the Chefs. This inspires other individuals to try and innovate new dishes satisfying their taste buds. This further creates an interactive platform for people with similar interests, mainly cooking. The exchange of ideas and the ability to implement the same while adding creativity to the dish renders it palatable and unique.

Some of the Important Culinary & Food Industry Statistics

From chain of QSR franchises to sit-down restaurants to packaged goods, the food industry is evolving to a vast and diverse industry.

We’ve put together some of the food industry statistics to help you advance in your culinary careers.

Where can culinary arts take you?

Culinary arts are in high demand as one can be an entrepreneur. An individual can become a chef with practice, consistency and the ability to handle the tools available in the kitchen, to how well one can master the art of crafting various styles and techniques in cooking.

The prospects of Culinary are tremendous with culinary degrees, mastering the art of baking and pastry making. The career prospects are varied worldwide in hospitality as well as the tourism industry. One can be chefs, head cooks, and bartenders.

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How well the culinary jobs pay?

The starting salary with a diploma in culinary arts would be around 20,000 to 30000 per month. The importance of culinary schools is in rendering the individual skilled with the expertise required for this particular field.

Are culinary skills in high demand? 

The career prospects are great with a chef earning similar to the IT professional. It is an insulated industry and it is protected against recession and is not downsized due to economic downturns, which makes it unique and irresistible. Initial challenges may include burning fingers, cut in the fingers while handling tools such as knives in a professional kitchen, housekeeping progressively becomes accustomed to serve people providing a sense of contentment. The overall attributes of an individual in interacting with a customer displaying amenable behavior enhances their career prospects by successfully thriving in a challenging environment.

Courses in Culinary Science [Internal link at course page]

Importance of culinary schools for a professional career

Culinary schools magnify the personality of an individual by imparting the necessary skills prominent in the respective field. This involves teaching basic etiquettes, mannerisms and adept usage of the kitchen tools, ingredients to preparing delectable dishes with presenting skills, that appeals and attracts the customers.

The roles of culinary schools are to impart knowledge with respect to the usage of the ingredients to different methods of cooking. This may require multitasking abilities in managing the resources and the tools effectively.

For example, Sanjeev Kapoor, Tarladalal, Vikas Khanna and many celebrity chefs have immensely contributed to this field. Food satisfies hunger and is the basic need of every individual. The passion for cooking and desire to excel in an unconventional domain is what one requires to be a Chef.

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Top 10 Culinary Schools in India

  • Culinary Academy of India
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Pusa
  • Amrapali Institute of Hotel Management
  • Oberoi Center of Learning and Development
  • Merit Swiss Asian School of Hotel Management, Udhagamandalam
  • International Institute of Culinary arts
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology, and applied nutrition
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad
  • Welcome Group Graduate School of Hotel Administration

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How good is a culinary diploma course in India?

Top Culinary courses in India

There are different degrees and courses offered by various institutes of culinary science and arts. Some of the following courses are popular.

  • BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration.
  • Diploma in food and beverage services
  • Diploma in bakery and confectionary
  • Craftsmanship course in food and beverage service
  • MSC in Hospitality administration
  • MSC in diabetics and food service management
  • Postgraduate diploma in accommodation operations and management.

These courses are offered by various Universities: The skills obtained after the course can be implemented either by entrepreneurship; else by working as a chef in prominent hotels.

Culinary science is inclusive of learning basic housekeeping such as maintaining a clean kitchen environment.  The skills imparted in different methods of cooking enhancing the confidence of an individual in preparing a dish with innovation and appealing to the eyes of a customer simultaneously gratifying their taste buds. It is a unique industry where one can become a celebrity and have their own websites promoting their brands,

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