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Careers After Culinary Courses: Outside Kitchen

A career in Culinary is very much promising and ever-growing in nature. It is considered one of the recession-proof jobs in the market. However, it is often misunderstood that career after culinary courses is only limited to working in a kitchen as a chef.

Definitely, it is not true.

But. It’s Ok,

If you prefer the pen over the pan!

If you prefer sales orders over plating orders!

Then, Why wait?

A plethora of career opportunities outside the kitchen is waiting to be explored.

  1. Catering Services
  2. Corporate Dining
  3. Culinary Sales
  4. Event Planning
  5. Food Marketing
  6. Food Photography and Styling
  7. Food Product Development
  8. Food Writing & Blogging
  9. Nutrition
  10. Private Chef
  11. Public Relations
  12. Quality control and Test Kitchen

Catering Service

A job in the catering service has many roles such as sales, client relationships, PR, cooking and operations, etc. It often requires a good background in food preparation, handling, and presentation. Other duties like flexibility in a meeting, site inspection; preparing the theme and much more are required. Hotels, private venues, catering companies, film shoots, etc are some of the major employers for Catering Services. To be successful in this career one need a formal degree in culinary arts is required for a career in catering services.


Corporate Dining

Companies often spend a lot of money on employee engagement activities. Corporate dining is a part of every conference, seminars, and workshop activities. Corporate dining is becoming very popular in every size and scale ranging from a banquet to a high-end executive level.

Formal education in culinary provides expertise in creating menus, preparing food and efficiently organizing the kitchen operations for large corporations.

Culinary Sales

Products like specialty food, wines, and spirits require Sales professionals to provide and cultivate the network of wholesale distributors, restaurants, resorts, and hotels. Product knowledge helps in understanding the applications of these products and how the end-user like restaurants will buy and use them. It requires a good knowledge of the product and the culinary skills as well.   Hence a formal degree in culinary skill is essential for this position.

Event Planning for Food Carnival

Generally, an event planner creates, produces and facilitates events according to clients’ specifications. Nowadays, food carnival is a popular event which happens frequently across different parts of the world. It is a new way to display and demonstrate culinary art and skills.

Formal education in culinary arts provides good insight for deciding the right time, a good venue, understanding of requests and expectations of guests, and other critical elements for running a smooth and successful food event. These kinds of events are often done for hotels, resorts, private clients, company events, conferences, and venues.

Food Marketing

Food Marketing is to create awareness of food products and services for their clients through advertising, PR and special events. They pinpoint consumer needs and current trends. This applies the same to Food products and services as well. The culinary course provides knowledge of the industry, its key players, influencers, current trends to work with public relations agencies, restaurants, corporations or hotels.

Food Product Development

Nowadays there is a huge demand for specialized Food and companies spend millions every day in developing the new product. Product specialists identify current market trends and then help develop the products to fulfill the demand. It requires the combination of technical expertise, knowledge of food products and culinary skills. It requires creativity to invent new products or to improve existing ones or for recipe development. A formal degree in culinary arts is the main qualification for a career as a product developer in large food corporations or corporate restaurants/chains.

Food Photography and Styling

Food Styling is one of the in-demand culinary skills. Especially it needs for featured film, TV, digital and print editorial and advertising. They mostly are photographers and prop stylists and their work mostly includes preparing food, sourcing ingredients, etc. At Bangalore Culinary Academy, we provide the skills to evaluate food traits like its color and texture also to prepare and style food for the camera.

Food Writing & Blogging

Food writers and bloggers write or edit for various magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs, and more. The content may range from a food review to a new recipe or anything in between. It requires good knowledge and experience in culinary skills.

Hence with a good culinary education, a person would be easily eligible for magazines, newspapers, publishing houses or culinary blogs.


Nutrition Expert

Nutritionists and health professionals play a major role in living a healthy life. They recommend food products and diet to follow for a healthy life. They also develop menus and products based on dietary restrictions, which requires experience with methods of cooking. They also provide insight into how to keep food interesting and delicious. The emphasis is on meeting customers’ needs while maintaining health standards. Potential employers could be hospitals or private clients or even large corporations.

Private Chef

A Private Chef generally works for families and private clients. They produce both diverse and specialized menus, help shopping, storage and safe handling of all the food products along with managing their kitchen staff.

Employers include prominent and elite families, celebrities, high-net-worth families and premium catering companies. A formal degree in culinary arts is the main qualification for a career as a private chef.

Public Relations

Major restaurants, prominent Chefs, Food products and culinary organizations require Public Relation Officers to generate excitement and public awareness through their press and media coverage. Formal education in culinary arts provides knowledge of the lingo used in the industry as well as expertise in different cuisines and familiarity with today’s key players and trendsetters in the food industry.


Quality control and Test Kitchen

Testing recipes and products for corporations, media, TV, and film, which are based on a given or known recipe for a target audience, requires the ability to cook, to detect subtle differences and to achieve a desired taste or texture. It’s an essential role in food magazines, cookbook publishers, consultants, and food companies.

No matter what you choose as a career, whatever is your aspiration we can give you the background you need to form your own path in the food industry.

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